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Training Schools aim to facilitate capacity building through the delivery of intensive training on a new or emerging topic. They can also offer familiarisation with unique equipment or expertise and are typically, although not exclusively, considered to be for the benefit of Early Career Investigators and PhD students.

They are not intended to provide general training. Members are encouraged to propose Training Schools by communicating objectives, budget, dates, methods to EUGAIN’s Action Chair  Prof. Letizia Jaccheri.

Training schools

The EUGAIN Training Schools provide young researchers (PhDs and postdocs) with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of gender balance in informatics from both research and professional fields. The interaction between the participants (both professors, professionals/practitioners, researchers, and students) will promote the generation of new ideas and their confrontation with the experiences acquired in their fields.

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The EUGAIN-STS 2023 Research Recharge will focus on research methodology and soft skills essential to support and foster gender studies in Informatics. Participants will develop knowledge, skills, and competencies about qualitative and quantitative research methodology; thus, while the participants gain knowledge, skills, and competencies in designing a study, they will also have the opportunity to make connections on how to use this knowledge and skills in gender and gender sensitive studies in the field of informatics. In addition, they will be more aware of methodological limitations, familiarize themselves with the process leading to article submission, and better understand the importance and role of soft skills. They are expected to work in groups and engage with data sets produced by EUGAIN existing studies and initiatives in practical handson activities led by keynote speakers to exchange and share ideas.

We invite doctoral and early career researchers to apply by sending their applications:

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The EUGAIN-STS 2022 will focus on how to conduct research studies. Participants will acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to design gender and gender-sensitive studies in Informatics. They are expected to work on the design of a user study in their research area that accounts for gender issues and to exchange and share ideas in groups.

We invite doctoral and early career researchers to apply by sending their applications:

> EUGAIN-WS 2022 website:

Training schools

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