COST supports different meeting types as part of its meetings Networking Tool, including Management Committee (MC) meetings, Working Group meetings, Workshops and Conferences, Dissemination meetings.

The purpose of an Action MC meeting is to coordinate and organise the COST Action scientific and networking activities in line with the objectives specified in both the COST Action MoU and the approved Work and Budget Plan.

Working Group meetings focus their work on achieving the research coordination and capacity building objectives of the COST Action as set out in the COST Action MoU.

Workshops or conferences are organised by the COST Action and are open to the broader scientific community.

Dissemination meetings are high profile events or conferences not organised by the COST Action. Action MC members (or MC substitutes) may attend these meetings for the purpose of disseminating their COST Action activities.

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Working Groups

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EUGAIN’s members are provided with opportunities and support to coordinate and organise different scientific and networking activities.